What are the bonuses and how to use it for win
In this page we'll explain all about the bonuses that the online casinos will offer you, the differences they have and how to use the bonus to win with a methodical playing using some tested strategies. We'll take as an example some of the best casinos of the web for make you better understand what they can offers.

What are the bonuses the online casinos offers?
Well, it's easy to answer this question! The bonus is a special amount of virtual money that you can receive from the online casinos when you deposit money on your account. This amount varies depending on the casino and is usually divided into many tranches and not given all at once. There are many kind of bonus and each of those has different rules.

Why so many kind of bonus?
Well, it depends all from the online casino. Usually they have many kind of bonus to make sure that every user of the casino will will continue to play. The welcome bonus instead are order to attract new players.

Why the casinos should give me a bonus on my deposits?
The bonus are not made for who want to play few minutes and have back the money and can't be cashed easily, there are rules that every player must respect. Imagine, a player deposit 500$, receive on the account 500$ + 500$ bonus and after ask for a cashout of 1000$, it's impossible! The online casinos are not stupid, they studied a system that force the player that receive the bonus to play the amount he receive on the account for many times before he can ask for the cashout.

Some examples?
The casinos decide all, the amount of the bonus and how many times they have to be played before to be able to have back the money.

The Playtech casinos as Casino Tropez, Europa Casino, Casino Bellini and Vegas Red have a 100% bonus with a wagering requirement 20x and it means that when a player deposits 100$ will receive in the account 100$ + 100$ bonus = 200$ and this amount must be played 20 times. So the player must play 200$ x 20 times = 4000$ for be able to ask for the cash out.

Usually the wagering is between x10 for the most lowest and x40 for the most higher. Naturally should be better to choose casinos with a low wagering, where we must bet maximum x20 times what we had in account, but it's clear that the casinos with low wagering offer small bonus.

There are other things to know about?
Yes, not all the games can be played to reach the wagering requirement. Usually the slot machines give 100% of the bet but there are other games as the roulette that usually give 50% of the bet for reach the wagering. It means that instead to play x20 ythe player must play x40 for request the cash.

It depends all from the bonus conditions that the casinos give the player, for marketing choice they have different conditions so check it good before to accept a bonus, if you don't like you can refuse. There are some casinos that give the player the bonus automatically, if he don't want the bonus he should ask to the support to play without bonus.

So what is good to do with the bonuses?
As you understood reading this page the bonus are very good for little money account and for who want to play little amount of money, in this way their deposits will be doubled. It's always good for who deposit 50$ to have 100$ for play, it's much better.

For the high roller players respect the wagering could be a problem, that's why we suggest the players that need to bet big amount of money to don't use the bonuses, and it's automatic to ask for delete the bonus to the support. For who deposited 2000$ or more and want the money back should be not good to wait to bet until 160.000$ or more.

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